Monday Evening Mood


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Kennst du das Gefühl, wenn das Wochenende – kaum hat es angefangen – schon wieder zu Ende ist? Die Band COFFEE & CAKE aus Luzern hat den perfekten Soundtrack, um dich am Montagabend über den Kummer hinwegzubringen. Dann trifft sich die Band jeweils, um zu proben und an ihren Songs zu feilen. «Monday Evening Mood» heisst der Erstling und hat so gar nichts mit dem «Monday Mood» zu tun. Denn die sechs Songs entführen dich in eine Welt, wo einfach alles easy ist.


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Label: Independent
Release Date: 29-1-2018
Genre: Pop
People: Marco Jencarelli (Produzent), Martina Friedli (ArtCover)

Available Lyrics

Shut up

Talking a lot without time to reflect.
That’s the way you rattle out text.
All that bark and then no bite.
Your stuck-up talk isn’t really a hype.
Could you mute your gossip just once?
Or do you really always have to announce?
It may be great to hear some chitchat.
There’s always some best left under your hat.
Shut up, give your voice a break.
Shut up, prick up your ears.
Shut up, you may learn something new.
Shut up
Try to take just one step back.
And pay attention to someone instead.
Give someone else the priority.
And do not lose your own sanity.
You’ll never see new points of view
By only listening to yourself.
Step back, leave old habbits in the past.
Open your ears and calm yourself.
Shut up

Waiting for me

There was a hand full of hurt in a blameless heart.
But there was sadly no way out.
I feel sorry what I’ve done even though I can’t go back.
I had to raise my head and carry on.
But in that moment I was weak and I did not know
I held myself back so I just can’t
run and jump into your arms.
I knew exactly what I really had to do but,
was afraid and I did it all wrong.
I wanna live with you until the end.
So I’ll run to you,
Across the hills, through the streets, down the stairs.
And I’ll find you,
Behind the hills, below the streets, beneath the stairs.
I’m not sure if I am or if it’s just a thought of what may be.
Imagine being happy every day.
I guess the only helpful way to find it out is
By leaving the past behind.
I’ll help myself and go for something new.

Are you waiting for me?

Get up

Get up, it’s already morning.
Avoid that pile of work.
Grab your clothes and run this way.
Oh no, keep sleeping.
Forget about troubled times.
Turn over, fall into sweet dreams.
Up and down or left and right.
I’m much too tired to decide.
Down and up or right and left.
Too much to think about, I don’t know.
Oh be quiet, just leave me alone.
There’s no need for you to say
what I should think or what I have to do.
So be free decide for yourself.
Sing: dap dap dubi dap.
Let it be as it may.
Up and down or left and right.
I’m much too tired to decide.
Down and up or right and left.

Should I go, should I have already left?

Are you proud

Not being here, for all these years,
while a little child grew up
is maybe the thing, after all this time,
that brings those tears to your eyes.
Do you know how I am doing now?
How I spend most of my time?
Why it’s always, me that these days,
is asking for more time?
If I would know, that you could show
a sense of pride
I would go and cry out loud
that I’m your daughter.
To hear from you just a few days a year
is not satisfying the role
for which you enrolled as soon as you knew
that your lovely wife was with child.
But you still hide in your snail shell
and accuse all of us
of missing each others life.
I’m your only one.

Discover the world

Mountains or beautiful beaches,
I’m looking for a place with happiness.
Vast expanses or next-door neighbours,
Every single place presents a different world.
I’ll escape, take my little things.
I’ll go far away.
I’ll be careful and I’ll miss you all,
But I’ve got to go.
I just wanna leave, don’t wanna stay here.
Not for the rest of my life.
I just wanna leave, don’t wanna stay here.
Must live the rest of my life.
Let’s discover the world.
Twixters or lazybones,
Most people’ happy just to stay at home.
But I am no shrinking violet,
So I’ve absolutely got to go.
I’ll escape, take my little things.
I’ll go far away.
Let’s discover the world.


You take everything you see, all you need and desire.
But will this little purchase really set your heart on fire?
Just choose the colour an the size then everyone runs for you.
“A penny saved is a penny earned” will never be your advice.
It’s always you who benefits.
But what if you were to share
only once?
What you see is what you get.
Taking, but not giving out.
What you see is what you get.
Like you’ve not yet, worked it out.
Has it ever crossed your mind to resign or refuse?
Are you able to make a gift?
Can’t you share something you don’t really use?

What you see is what you get.
It’s always you who benefits.
But what if you were to share
only once?
What you see is what you get.